Common Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently, and the list is frequently updated. If this article doesn't help you, please submit a ticket and we'll help you personally - and maybe add your question to this list once we're done.

“I can’t install this theme. It says its missing the style sheet and template”

Sorry, but this is only an HTML template - so isn’t compatible with Wordpress and therefore cannot be installed as a theme. Unfortunately Themeforest doesn't usually grant refunds if you purchased an item in error, but it's worth sending a ticket to Envato Support to see what they say.

"All I get is a constant loading screen, which doesn't ever load. What's happened?"

If you see the loading screen which never disappears, it could indicate several problems. There may be a JavaScript issue (often you've done something wrong in custom.js file. Alternatively, if the images used in the background slideshow can't be found (i.e. you've put a bad URL into custom.js) then you'll see this. Check your code and image URLs for any problems. Otherwise, send us an email so we can diagnose the specific problem.

“Can I play videos stored on my server / from Vimeo or do they have to be on YouTube?”

Unfortunately the system we use in our items only supports YouTube videos. You’ll have to upload your video to YouTube in order for it work with the video background. You could always set it to an unlisted video on YouTube so only those with the link (i.e. this template) can view it.

“I turned on the video background but only see a loading screen with no other content. What am I doing wrong?”

This is because the video background only works on web servers. If you are testing our item locally on your computer, the video background won’t work. You’ll need to upload the files to a Web Server or use a local development server like Wamp or Mamp. Get in touch with us if you need further support.