Constant Loading Screen

This is an issue which we get asked about frequently. When you load your site in a browser, if all you can see is a never ending loading screen, the causes are usually fairly easy to spot. Read this article for help, or submit a ticket if you're still experiencing a problem.

Check for errors

Depending on which browser you're using, you need to look for the developer tools. Usually, you can right click on your site, then choose 'Inspect Element'. Look around the panel for any red cross or exclamation marks that indicate an error. If you see this, click on it. The error log will now display, and you'll be able to see any error which is causing the never ending loader issue. This is often simply a missing image file for the background slideshow - in which case you should check you uploaded all the images to your server, or make sure everything is configured correctly for the images in custom.js. Alternatively, the issue could be caused by another JavaScript error, which you may have created by accidental editing. Submit a ticket with the URL to your site, and we should be able to quickly diagnose the problem and give you a solution.

When did you purchase one of our items?

If you purchased one of our items a long time ago (before June 2014), the constant loading screen issue could be caused by a bug. This was quickly fixed in more recent updates. To fix this, open up custom.js and look for the setting that controls the countdown. If this has expired (i.e. the date in the file has already passed), the constant loading screen issue appears, instead of displaying the countdown with zero time left. To easily fix this, change the countdown setting to a date in the future. If you want to fix this bug permanently, download the latest files from Themeforest, or submit a ticket and we'll guide you through the bug fixing process, so you don't have to change any of your content.

Submit a ticket

If you are still having trouble, get in touch with us. We can usually find the problem causing the constant loading screen issue fairly quickly, and can explain the solution to you.